Why become a "Vendor of Choice"

Why become a "Vendor of Choice"
First let me explain what a "Vendor of Choice" is.
Vendor of Choice is only available on our "Directory" section. 
When you become a "Vendor of Choice" your business is not just entered into all the monthly gift card draws but you become one of the selectable Monthly Gift Cards as a Vendor of Choice.
Your business will also be randomly featured on top of regular listings on our Business Directories.
These listings will be viewed more often than regular listings as people view to select their potential gift card from the various vendors! 
Also 30% of your Listing Fee will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross Disaster relief fund.  This fund helps Family's and pets in their most desperate times of need.
Also you would be able to write off the Listing Fee as part of your "Advertising Budget" 
How does the monthly gift card draw work?
Simple, all the registered users on iFIO are entered into the draw each month.
The draw is for a $50 Gift Card of Choice from one of our "Vendors of Choice".
Our Monthly Gift Card of Choice Draw is 100% Free to Enter. 
In order to qualify to win a prize on our Monthly Gift Card Draw everyone must make sure to do the following.
Fully Register and Fully Update Your Profile Page.
- Organization Name (Optional) 
- Full Name
- Phone number
- Email address 
- Full Address (including country, postal/zip code)
- Twitter Social Media account (under social media section)
- Must follow IFIO@IFIOCanada on Twitter and/or Friend/Follow us on Facebook (facebook.com/ifio.ca)
- Must have an active listing at time of drawing.
If any of the above are not completed and your name is draw you will be disqualified.
If you have successfully completed the above (met all the minimum requirements) you would then qualify to win the Monthly Gift Card Draw!  Should your name be drawn and you have completed the above you will be sent an email with a simple mathematical question (required by Canadian Law).  If you reply back within the 72 hours of email being sent, and answered the math question correctly then you can select your gift card from any of our Vendors of Choice and it will be mailed out to you.
What happens if the person drawn is disqualified?
That is an easy question to answer.
The drawing will not be claimed and $50 will be added to it for the next draw.  For example the draw winner for the $500 on 07/31 2018 was disqualified so $50 is added to the prize and the next draw will be for a $550 gift card on 08/31 2018.  This will continue until it is won and claimed.
Once it is claimed the next monthly prize will reset to a $50 gift card.
Help IFIO help the Canadian Red Cross to aid Disaster Relief where needed!
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