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Visual Connections
250 Yonge Street, Suite 2201, Toronto ON M5B 2L7
Toronto, ON ON M5B 2L7



The city of Toronto is a hotbed of contemporary culture and arts with an ethnically diverse population and offers plenty of inspiration for an artist, be it the city’s architecture, the museums, the skyscrapers and more. We found it apt to be located in a city amidst the deeply vested love that people have for arts and culture, as we believe Advertising is just an extension of the medium of arts.

We believe true brand communication can only emerge when things are said from the heart… and that’s exactly what we do.

In a world fragmented by media, it is imperative that your brand communication is kept simple without complications. As such we believe in minimalistic designs that are not about throwing in a huge chunk of digital makeup on your brand’s face, but rather making use of clever designs that bring out the true beauty and deliver your brand’s message succinctly.

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