Top 10 Reasons to list your Business with Online Directories!!


10 Reasons for Listing Your Business to an Online Directory

Online directories have exploded in popularity over the past ten years as business owners have started realizing the advantages of being listed. Here are ten convincing reasons why you should also get listed:

     1.  Increased Sales


Think of an online listing like a billboard on steroids. While traditional advertising methods such as flyers can attract customers only within a particular region, the internet has no physical limitations and can reach out to customers thousands of miles away, leading to increased sales.

     2.  Increased Profits


Many businesses such as ticket and car dealerships require the help of a broker to lock sales. An online directory skips the middleman altogether, meaning you don’t have to pay a broker’s commission.

     3.  Characterization

Listing your business online has the advantage of being positioned the way you want it to be. Supposing you run a restaurant specializing in French cuisine; your name listed with a Meta description is likely to be retained by a customer going through the directory. Your restaurant would likely pop up in their heads the next time they think about French cuisine.

     4.   Inexpensive

Most online directories rely on ads or charge a minimal fee for your business to be listed on their domain so costs are minimal.

      5.  SEO

It is now known that Google also uses online directories in order to categorize a particular business. Having your business listed there has the advantage of greater online visibility, especially since Google now focuses on location based searches.

      6.  Outlook

Having your business listed online also gives off a more professional outlook. An online reference gives off an air of authenticity; the customer is more confident when making a purchase so it’s easier to lock a sale.

In fact, IFIO directories take it a step further, giving businesses the ability to make their listings more interactive by adding up to 10 photos along with videos, depending on the host directory.

     7.  Accessibility

In today’s fast paced world, no one really has the time to go surf numerous brick and mortar stores. Instead, they rely on a quick Google search to look for nearby locations for what they need. This is why many smaller businesses such as mechanic workshops and janitorial services are listing their businesses online so that they may be more accessible.

     8.  Location Specific Advertising

According to research, a customer is more likely to click on a marketing email that states a location than one that doesn’t. Having a location specific listing can increase your click through rates as well.

 9.  Easy to Manage

One of the biggest advantages of online directories are that they are extremely easy to manage. Most directories send you emails regarding a page update such as a review or a change in terms of conditions, so you don’t really have to do much. Not only that, IFIO directories also allows businesses to purchase multiple category listings, displaying the discount rate for long term listings at a locked rate. Because of this, businesses don’t need to worry about any hidden or recurring charges.

10.  Targeting New Customers

And finally, listing your business online also has the advantage of increasing your customer base. People new to the area are more likely to find your business if it’s listed online. Having multiple good reviews also projects confidence in your business, leading to higher conversion rates.

Some IFIO directories have also started attaching online vouchers with their listings, which gives the customers more incentives to try the business’s offering and leads to a higher conversion rate.

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