Robotic Surgery Offered By Dr. Rakesh Khera

Robotic Surgery Offered By Dr. Rakesh Khera
93 Brown Street
Middle Cove, NSW 2068

9 am - 9 pm

Dr. Rakesh khera <a href="
"> top urologist at medanta Hospital gurgaon</a>. Have access to a number of the leading urologic most cancers professionals in the country; he is devoted to improving cancer prevention, analysis and treatment. He brings in information from one of the top urological cancer centers within the world. He has a good sized enjoy in of having achieved over 1000 robotic & laparoscopic surgical procedures for prostate, bladder and kidney cancer. We at India laparoscopy surgery site understand journeying for a surgery may be disturbing, which is why our team will guide you at every step.
Open Sundays
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