Physicians & Surgeons

Atlanta Bone and Joint Specialists
Loganville, GA
Atlanta Bone and Joint Specialists is here to help you get your life back.
Best Doctors for Cervical Spine Surgery in India
Edmonton, AB
The cervical spine surgery helps to rid of cervical pain and their symptoms. Spine and neurosurgery hospital India is a network of best surgeons and our top hospitals.
Best Doctors for Lumbar Spine Surgery in India
Toronto, ON
The lumbar spine is a part of our spine structure, mostly known as the lower back. Surgeons are highly qualified and specialized in the lumbar spine or other spine-related surgeries.
Best Interventional Cardiologist
New Delhi, NCT
Best Interventional Cardiologists is improving the lives of patients with cardiovascular disease through minimally invasive treatment options known as interventional procedures.
Dr Ajaya Nand Jha Top Neurologist & Brain Tumor Specialist
Calgary, AB
Dr. Ajay Nand Jha has over 27 years of experience and is the pioneer in introducing the intra-operative MRI technology for brain tumor surgeries in India.
Dr Ajaya Nand Jha, Master Of Complex Neurosurgical Care
Toronto, ON
Dr Ajaya Nand Jha is the Chairman at Institute of Neurosciences Medanta Hospital, Gurgaon/Gurugram.
Dr K Sridhar Best NeuroSurgeon at global hospital
Saint-Jerome, QC
Dr. K Sridhar is Director at the Institute of Neurological Science & Spinal Disorders, Global Hospitals, and Chennai.
Dr S. Karunakaran Offers Advanced Spine Treatment Options
London, ON
Dr. S. Karunakaran best spine surgeon at Global Hospital and is an accomplished spine surgeon with about 20 years of medical practice.
Dr. Anil Saxena best cardiologist in Delhi
New Delhi, NCT
Open-heart surgical procedure is any kind of surgical operation where the chest is cut open and surgical treatment is performed on the muscular tissues, valves, or arteries of the heart.
Dr. Naresh Trehan in India Offers Gentle Care for Hearts
New Delhi, NCT
Cardiology essentially is examined & treatment of troubles in the heart.
Dr. Rajesh Sharma
Vancouver, BC
Pediatric cardiology is a specialty that addresses heart conditions in babies [including unborn babies], children and teenagers.
One should must know about Heart Valve Replacement
New Delhi, NCT
Heart valve surgical procedure is a technique to deal with heart valve ailment.
Pediatric Neurosurgery Treatment in India
Joliette, QC
Pediatric Neurosurgery in India is dedicated to diagnosis, treatment and management of children with various neurosurgical disorders.
Calgary, AB
The highly qualified medical personnel at Seema Eye Care Centre, headed by Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghoul. He is expert in applying the latest proven medical and surgical treatments with excellent outcomes.
Trust Dr. Ajay Kaul Cardiologist For Improving Heart Health
New Delhi, NCT
More and more cardiac patients are coming to Dr. Ajay Kaul India for cardiac care, diagnostic medical check-ups, and state-of-the-art treatments every year because of his international acclaim and affordability.