Dr S. Karunakaran Offers Advanced Spine Treatment Options

Dr S. Karunakaran Offers Advanced Spine Treatment
2509 Dundas St
London, ON N6B 3L5

24/7/365 hrs open


Dr. S. Karunakaran best spine surgeon at Global Hospital in Chennai is an accomplished spine surgeon with about 20 years of medical practice. Till date, he has successfully performed more than a thousand spine surgeries s of various type and complexities.Dr. S. Karunakaran top spine surgeon in India understands that every patient has unique goals and he helps you to achieve them.
To request an appointment or to learn more about spine care by Dr. S. Karunakaran,
please call +91 – 9325887033.
Visit the website: http://www.spineandneurosurgeryhospitalindia.com/global-hospital/doctors/dr-s-karunakaran/
Send an email at dr.karunakaran@spineandneurosurgeryhospitalindia.com
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