Why List on IFIO?

Why put your Listing(s) on IFIO?
You can place your Classified Listing for FREE!
 - Free is always a good thing!
Your Listing is for 90 day's!
- Less time/hassle spent on re-listing!
Your Free Listing can have up to 10 Photos'!
- Sometimes 5 just is not enough!
Your Free Listing includes a website URL link if you have one.
- Link to your Website
Your Free Listing includes the ability to add/create a coupon.
- Nice to have the ability to add "buy 3 get one free" or "$25 off next order" etc.
You can place as many unique listing's you want at any time with no daily limit! 
- Some companies have daily posting limits. Very Annoying for large posters!
Listing have Google Maps with Directions Enabled!
- Help your customers find you quickly while driving!
Prefer to read listing's in a different language?
- We have 70 different languages for you and your customers to choose from!
Did you run out of something your customer wants?
- saved searches will email potential customers when it becomes available!
Have your Listing Posted to Twitter!
- IFIO posts many of its listing's on social media (Twitter) helping you to reach more customers!
You get entered for a chance to win a monthly draw for a $Canadian Gift Card of Choice!
- Some months can have several draws for up to a $500 Canadian Gift Card on each draw!
People can rate/review your Product or Service!
- Feedback is important! Today's buyers read many reviews before purchasing.
Your just posted listing is not buried on page 30 in a matter of minutes!
- Not many people search to or past 30 pages, do you?
We do not spam you every day with "upgrade your listing" offers in your email.
- We hate those emails, don't you!
You would be helping a small 100% Canadian Owned Company to grow and allow us to help disaster victims in times of need! (30% of Paid Listings go to the Canadian Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund or a recognized Charity of your Choice".
- It takes belief, time, and effort but with your help, we know will get there!
IFIO Believes in Helping Others - Do You?
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