Salesianum School Customize Lanyards

Salesianum School is an independent school created for boys, and it is located in Wilmington (the largest and most populous city in the United States of American). The Salesianum School tries their best to teach their students to pursue their academic passion in an innovative way. Every boy will become a successful father, man and husband after they studied in Salesianum School.

The Salesianum School Customize Lanyards is made for the school and becomes a personal thing of students. The customize lanyards are manufactured by polyester fabric material due to its lower cost and nice quality. The brown lanyards are the less common color of the cheap lanyards. The single custom lanyards only have printed the graphic on one side, and it used the black ink for printing by using the silkscreen printing process. The material, length and width, graphics and design of the cheap lanyards can be decided by your requirements. All of the Salesianum School Customize Lanyards have attached a metal key ring shaped a circle. Your keys can be put into the key ring.

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Custom Lanyards Size: 0.75"*34"

Material: Polyester Fabric

Style: Polyester Lanyards

Printing Process: Silkscreen Printing

Attachment: Metal Key Ring

Packaging: 50 or 100 pcs per bag
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