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If you are looking to add some accent to your landscaping such as a garden wall, retaining walls or just want to do a significant grade change, TimberHawkhomeBuilders is the best home & masonry renovations and retaining wall repair company in Victoria, BC Areas.

TimberHawkhomeBuilders specialize in home & masonry renovations, rock landscaping, retaining wall stones, repair and construction services.

We create a number of interesting retaining walls using environmentally friendly materials.

Retaining walls are often used to highlight a key area in your overall master plan. Natural stone or segmental wall systems provide stability and structure in what may otherwise be a non-descript planting. And we are experts on that.

TimberHawkhomeBuilders are providing quality and professionals Landscaping and Retaining wall repair service with affordable rates.

Call us on 250 889 7084

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