Registration & Passwords

Full Registration and Password (Required to be eligible to win monthly gift card draws).
When you sign up and want to complete your Registration you need to do the Following;
1.  Sign Up 
It is highly recommended to use a unique password that has at least 1 Upper Case Letter, 1 Lower Case Letter and 1 Symbol.
This should not be a password that you use anywhere else.
Here is an example of a Excellent Password.
Do not use the above password but i am showing it to give you an idea of a strong password.
2.  Now once you have Signed up you need to "Log In"
3.  Once you log in you need to go to "My Account".
In My Account you will need to go to "Update Profile"
Put in all the correct information including personal name and phone number, organization (business name) and twitter link (no password) that we can check that you are following us or have friended us under that account.
Then click on Update.
If completely filled in you are now fully registered!
If you are not sure if you are fully registered please feel free to contact me (Wayne) at and I will check for you.
Thanks for your time.
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