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Below are pictures of my previous work.........Interested in a reborn doll, please contact me. Soon I will have more doll's up for viewing. You can also view my reborn's on facebook at Bloyer Babies Nursery!

Reborn dolls by artist Judy Bloyer.

Thank you for stopping by Bloyer Babies Reborn Nursery. I have been a doll collector for 30 years. I have always loved dolls. I reborned my first doll way back when you painted the inside of a manufactured doll. Illness and 3 teens required that I put my hobby down, but now, the kids are gone and I am working my way through all the amazing new things they have to reborn babies. This is no longer a hobby, but my business.

I use mohair from Delta Dawn and Slumberland (when I can get it). I use Lauschaer Glass eyes, mostly LE kits and genesis heat paints. I seal the inside of the head after rooting. I do not put a hole in the nostrils. It seems silly to do that if you are trying to make a watertight baby. I buy new baby clothes from baby stores. I do not use any perfumes on the dolls, as I am allergic. Pick up one of my dolls and you will see they are perfectly weighted and have a nice bottom for sitting! I may be bias, but my doll's generate a lot of attention everywhere they go.

For more information or if you have any questions on my reborn doll's, please send me an email. Unless the doll is already sold, it's for sale. For a complete list of what i have just contact me! I take Paypal. I can also do custom reborn dolls to suit your needs.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for the visit!!

Judy Bloyer
2017-02-17 8:22:45 PM
Excellent dolls....highly recommend...beautiful babies...

2017-02-14 6:43:56 PM
Bloyer Babies Nursery makes some of the most amazingly life like dolls you can get!
If you are looking for a quality, hand made doll then look no further!! They are simply amazing!! Just dont leave them in your car as the police will break in for the rescue and then want to talk to you. Yes they are that real!!!!
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