Did you Win?

Did You Win?

Results: April 30, 2019
Draw 1 for a $950 Gift Card of Choice!
Draw 2 for the Framed & Signed "Dr's Montage" by Scott Art! 
Congratulations to entry 845 D'Angelo, Sandro, D'Angelo, Sandro was drawn for the $950 Gift Card of choice!
845 D'Angelo, Sandro has been disqualified and is not eligible to win the prize.
1. Fully Registered & Updated Profile page (under "My Account" top right corner) - NO (name, address, phone, email, social media link(s), photo
2. Have a current listing at time of drawing - YES
3. Follow us on Twitter or Friend us on Facebook - NO
Unfortunately for "D'Angelo, Sandro", they did not meet all 3 simple minimum requirements to qualify for a prize (see below) and have been disqualified.
Congratulations to entry 270 Y arey kadir! Y arey kadir was drawn for the Framed & Signed Print of the Dr's Montage by ScottArt (or a $100 Gift Card of Choice)!
Y arey kadir has been disqualified and is not eligible to win the prize.
1. Fully Registered & Updated Profile page (name, address, phone, email, social media link(s) - NO
2. Have a current listing at time of drawing - YES
3. Follow us on Twitter or Friend us on Facebook - NO
Congratulations to Y arey kadir does not appear to have met all draw requirements as such are not eligible for the draw and has been disqualified.
It seems a lot of people are not filling in the "Profile Update" page. 
To get to it you simply "Sign Up", click on "My Account" then click on "Profile Update". Fill in your name, address, phone number, social media account and photo and you will be qualified as per #1 above! This is only done one time.
PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU FILL IN YOUR "PROFILE UPDATE" PAGE (under "My Account on the Upper Right Side of the website for desktop, under MY Menu-My Account on Phone/Tablet)!
IFIO sent out several emails over the past few months explaining exactly what is required and how to do it (we want to have a winner). It is a one time thing and is very easy to do. Please check your email to make sure you are getting your emails from us. If you are still unsure if you are completely updated on your profile please email "support@ifio.ca" for further help.
It is very Easy to Qualify and Win should your name be drawn. Please make sure to to the following so you qualify and are fully eligible to win!

To Qualify you must....

1. Must Register and Fully Update your Profile Page(under your "My Account") on www.ifio.ca including your complete mailing address. (FREE)

2. Must have an Active Listing at time of drawing. (FREE)

3. Must follow us on Social Media (register your name/number). (FREE)

IFIO@IFIOCanada on Twitter


To Win you must ...

1. Qualify (as above)

2. Answer a simple math question in the email that is sent to the winner.

3. You must reply back correctly to the email within 72 hours.

In the Event that there are fewer than 5 "Vendors of Choice" IFIO will include the following as "Temporary Vendors of Choice" for the Gift Card Selections! Also note that these "vendors" are subject to change at any time.
Canada Safeway/Sobey's
Petro Canada
Canada Subway
Canada McDonald's
Canada Costco

You will be Disqualified from winning if you do not follow all the rules above!

The Monthly Draw will keep increasing by $50 Until Someone meets all the requirements and is able to claim the prize!
*****To use the Search by keyword you must click on magnifying glass button after entering the keywords in order to perform the search*****
Use the Select Location button on the top left to select your specific location or leave it blank for all locations. Also select your preferred language and have fun!

April 30th, 2019 is the Next Draw
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