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A veneer – is relatively thin layer that serves as an outer surface applied to another structure. Natural stone veneer is made of saw cut stone to be inches thick making it lightweight and easy to install. Manufactured stone veneer is fabricated from lightweight concrete mix (Portland cement, aggregates, and iron oxides), poured into a mould. To resemble real stone, some manufacturers create moulds from real stones to recreate their texture. And polymer siding is made of quality polypropylene, which can withstand extreme temperature.

Canyon Stone Canada offers the widest variety of real stone veneer, manufactured stone veneer or super light polymer stone in the country, and all products can be delivered to your town or city. They come in numerous shapes, colors, styles and textures, so they can best fit in your décor project - as dry stack stone, hand-cut stone, stacked stone, ledge stone, fieldstone, and many, many more.

Around the fireplace, on the exterior facade or as interior accent, the stone veneers are a good solution for homeowners, designers, architects and builders who need an authentic stone look and feel – no matter if you just want to create a stone accent in your living room, kitchen or bathroom, complete siding, or you are up to a large-scale commercial building project.

Choose your desired product in our free catalogue or visualize your project - visit our website and find more information about some of our most popular products:

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