717 Iron On Embroidered Patches

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Our 717 Iron On Embroidered Patches is mainly black and white, and the eyes and nose parts are black, which is hollow and three-dimensional. Our this embroidery is given priority to with Chinese bag stalk show, main characteristic is to use thicker line first base or with cotton bottom, make decorative pattern uplift, reoccupy embroider line embroider next, use even embroider needle method commonly. Beautiful and refined pattern of embroider of bag stalk embroider, be full of stereo feeling, adornment sex is strong, call tall embroider again, call convex embroider in su embroidery.

GS-JJ makes embroidered patches of various materials, sizes and crafts. If you need anything, please feel free to contact me. We are online all day long.

If you have any question or order you can contact with Email: info@gs-jj.com or Call: 1-888-864-4755.
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