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August 31st, 2019 Draw is for an $1150 Gift Card of Choice!
Are you Eligible?
Draw deadline is 3 PM MST on draw date!
See the article "IFIO Gift Card Giveaway Official Rules" for complete details!
Please Note that Random Picker does all Drawings.  You can visit their site at for more information.

After the draw is made, it is final, and can not get changed by anyone (not even IFIO)!

Featured Listings start at just $10 Canadian. Placing a "Featured Listing," you can help IFIO make a difference in the world by helping the Canadian Red Cross with Disaster Relief!
30% of all listing fee's are donated to the Canadian Red Cross for Disaster Relief!
  If your Address (City/Town, State, Province, Country) is not listed then send an email to We will make sure it is added for you!
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2019-04-01 IFIO
This is where you can check to see if you were the winner of the Monthly Gift Card Draw! You can also get info on how to properly and fully register to qualify should your name be drawn!
2018-12-03 IFIO
This article deals with the question of "What are IFIO Classifieds, and Why Should I Use them"?
IFIO Monthly Gift Card Giveaway Official Rules
2016-11-09 IFIO
IFIO will draw for a $50 Canadian Gift Card of choice (Boston Pizza, Second Cup, Canadian Tire, Canada Safeway, Rona, Mr. Sub) or you can choose to donate the $50 to the Canadian Red Cross.
Featured Listings
Clyde River, NU
New Beautiful Turquois Fashion Necklace
Calgary, AB
Sane Credit Advice
Montreal, QC
Hearts Quilted Mug Rug  6 1/2 " x 10"
Calgary, AB
Victory Rehab
Naperville, IL